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All-Time H2H Records

Below are the All-Time Records for User vs. User match-ups. It starts in the 2020 season, when Shambos, Mello, OB, and myself were the only four teams. After 3 seasons, OB decided to leave, and Hoopah, Moo, Wall, Roddy, and Gary joined the mix. After 9 blissful seasons, the league expanded again in 2032, adding Stocker and Ziggy.

Head to Head Overall:

(Seasons played, Regular Season W-L-T and W%... Then Playoff appearances, Playoff appearance %, Playoff W-L and W%... Then Wild Card, Divisional Round, and Championship Game W-L records. Lastly, total W-L-T and W% of Regular Season and Playoffs combined.)

Head to Head User vs. User

(Regular Season W-L-T-W%, then Playoff W-L-W%)

Rolling Winning Percentage Chart

(Season ending W% charted in a rolling line graph)

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