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Head-to-Head Stats

With the conclusion of the Lions-Cardinals showdown, all user head-to-head matchups have been played. That means STATS.


Individual players first, then by users. The user stats also feature passing stats against.

Individually, Chris DiMarco of the Lions led the league in Passer Rating, TDs, and completion percentage in 7 games played. Eagles back-up Benjamin Black led the league in YPG with 302.7 in 3 starts, with teammate and Brandon Purvis in second place at 245.2 YPG. In LA, Darin Clifton hit the most guys in the other jerseys, throwing 19 picks in 7 games. And in Big D, Reilly Petersen chased Clifton with 17 picks... while only throw 3 TD passes over 6 games. YIKES.

Abe Hands' boys were the most prolific, averaging 266.8 YPG, and this was despite losing Brandon Purvis for 3 user starts. Corey Schleshinger's Lions team was the most efficient, posting a QB Rating 30+ points better than the next best, throwing the most TDs, and the highest completion percentage. On the other end of the spectrum, Tony Pajamas' Rams squad threw the most INTs, a stagger 22 in just 7 user games. Somehow, only 3 of the 10 users had more TD passes than INTs... and two of those three were just +2 in differential.

Defensively, the Lions stifled opponents QB Rating wise and also allowed the fewest passing TDs. Surprisingly, they also amassed the most sacks in user games. Meanwhile, Fatty Matty Ryebread's Cardinals had the most interceptions and Abe Hands' Eagles held teams to the fewest YPG and the second fewest passing TDs.



Individual players first, then by users. The user stats also feature rushing stats against.

Lions tailback Harvey Sutherland led the league in yards per game vs. humans, but only played in 4 such games. Rookie sensations Javier Gabriel (Rams), and Isaac Bruton (Vikings) also cracked the 100 YPG mark in their impressive campaigns. Kris Fuller of the WFT led the league in TDs on the ground, punching it in 11 times in 8 games.

The Detroit Lions averaged the most yards on the ground this year, barely edging the Cards with 168.4 to 166.9. The Lions also had the highest YPC with a 9.1 average. The Cardinals punched it in the most on the ground with an impressive 20 rushing TDs in just 7 user games.

Defensively, the Cards shut down opponents on the ground. In 7 games, users rushed for just 62.7 yards per, and only 4 rushing TDs (second best to ATL.) The Falcons rush defense was also very impressive, as Bo Jackson's team held opposition to second fewest yards per game at 71.0, and fewest rushing TDs with 3 across 7 games.

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