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We Found Love in A Hopeless Place

Valentines Day - The story of the 2013 Red Sox and a love connection that survives to this day.

I knew it was love at first site. When we first met in 2013, you were a young ambitious journalist trying to navigate the muddied waters of journalism. Like all things in life, each stage as a chapter and each chapter has a story. Pete, our story has taken us to the mountaintops of Beantown.

Wright recalls his first season in the bigs and his mindset taken the mound. "Every time Dougie (Doug Marabelli) would give me the knuckleball sign, I would shake him off for one reason and one reason alone.... I wanted the 2 finger fastball right up the caboose from my true love, Pete." On July 11, Wright earned his first major league win, against the Seattle Mariners. Wright pitched ​5 2⁄3 shutout innings in relief of Ryan Dempster. Koji Uehara picked up the save, and presented Wright with the ball following the victory.

Following the win, Wright knew where to go with the ball. He scurried back to the dimly lit hotel room to find what seems to be a poor mans "Heffer". Little did he know, it was Abraham. "I mounted the ball on his head and hit it with my ****, tee ball style.

(Tee ball style only applicable to baseball relationships)

Sometimes love does prevail. To close the loop on his existing marriage, Wright shut the door shut circa K-Rod early 2000's. Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright was arrested at his home in Tennessee on Friday night after an incident involving his wife, Shannon. "On Friday night, Steven was arrested at our home following a verbal argument, and the police charged him with domestic assault. Although he said things he deeply regrets, he did not raise his hand at anyone during the incident, and the situation was purely emotional. We are working together as a family to make our relationships stronger, and we ask that you respect our privacy as we do so." statement from Wright read.

Don't worry, as I previously mentioned, love always prevails. Wright and Abraham tied the knot in Minnesota last June and Wright resumed his illustrious career as a Red Sox analysis.

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